Layaway Policy (In Store Only)

Lay-A-Way Agreement!





  1. All Lay-A-Ways MUST be paid in full and picked up within 30 days of Start of Lay-A-Way!
  2. 30% Down is required to place items into Lay-A-Way!
  3. One Lay-A-Way per Customer at a time. Meaning, if you have a current Lay-A-Way awaiting Payoff then you MUST pay the current Lay-A-Way off FIRST before placing other items in Lay-A-Way.
  4. All Lay-A-Ways are still property of TIME WARP, LLC until Lay-A-Way is paid in full!
  5. You will receive a courtesy call from TIME WARP, LLC as a reminder to you on the 3rd week of the Lay-A-Way informing you that the 30 day limit is coming due.
  6. If you do not pay off and pick up your Lay-A-Way on or before the 30 day limit you will be given a 5 day grace period to settle your Law-A-Way. If you do not settle your Lay-A-Way with in this time period your items will be place back on the sales floor for sale and the initial 30% down will be kept by TIME WARP, LLC as a restocking fee. Any Payments above the 30% will be refunded.