About Time Warp, LLC

TIME WARP, LLC is owned and operated by Steve Heintz and Jason Waldron.  We have been at our current location for going on 1 year.

Steve has been buying and selling Antiques and Collectables for more then 35 years. Steve grew up here in St. Clair Shores and Warren. “Some of my earliest memories is going to garage sales with my Mom (Lila) ever since then it has been in my blood”.  Steve is well known locally for his broad knowledge and expertise in Vintage and Antique items. Steve is the main buyer for TIME WARP, LLC and oversees all Purchases that flow through TIME WARP both in our store and online. Steve looks for items that old, odd, different, unique or of a quality or design that makes a Vintage item better then most!

Jason has over 25 years of retail and merchandising experience with large big box retailers. Jason grew up in San Diego California and came to Michigan in 2000. I have been working with Steve for the past 10 years learning and building my passion for the Vintage and Antique Business. I am continously following trends in both design and fashion so that we can bring you the most current desirable Vintage and Antique items. Jason oversees all sales, merchandising and online functions of the company.

The TIME WARP family is proud to introduce Carrie Pickett as a memeber of our Staff. Carrie runs our Layaway department and works in our  St. Clair Shores Store. Carrie has several years experience in the Vintage and Antique industry. Carrie has been wth us for going on a year and with her experience and knowledge and her Great Customer Service Skills she is a great asset to our Company.